Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yarrow1 Feature!

Meet Yarrow1! Leave some love!

The roses represent my three grown children that I had the delight to raise.

The oldest one is military man with a few thorns.

The next one, a daughter, is an award winning graphic artist, in full bloom.

Another daughter is a florist in LA, working on all the flowers for the Emmy awards. She has yet to reach her full bloom but is on her way. She is also on etsy.

I have reached my full bloom and have a few petals missing( quite a few).
I have done crochet since being down with Rheumatic Fever at seven. I didn't do much other than chain stitch necklaces for my friends. I was able to get really even stitches because of then.
I love doing many different types of art creations. I mix my art with my love for animals and gardening.


  1. Beautiful roses Karen! Yarrow1 is a wise, warm, wonderful and multi-talented woman --- congrats on the feature sweetie!

  2. What beautiful budding roses! :-)