Monday, August 16, 2010

2CrochetHooks Feature!

Help me in welcoming another mother/daughter team! Leave some love!

We are a mother and daugther team from USA. We both crochet and work on the business together. This venture has helped us grow as crocheters and as a family. We have gotten closer and learned to better work together.
The item we have chosen is a Blue Poison Dart preemie hat. We have chosen this item because it best represents our more wild and daring side. This is the first project I have ever really done without a pattern in front of me and it was due to Mother's awesome inspiration. She likes frogs and thought it would be neat to do a poison dart frog hat instead of the typical hat. I chose preemie because it is a cause I care about. I feel terrible for the poor little babies and think they deserve something fun and exciting in their life. I filled the hat with love and prayers for healthfullness as I do with all the preemie hats we make.


  1. Simple, yet unique and very fashionable! Great hat! :-)

  2. I love how the frog inspired you!
    Great look a like!

  3. Great choice of colors! I love how you used nature and your mom's love for the frog as your inspiration. Great combo!