Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What we are all about as a Team

The idea behind this crochet team is to belong to a community of fellow crocheters and have no worries as to meeting certain guidelines. I want everyone to feel welcome here. You can be as active as you wish. I do realize that people have lives outside of Etsy and this group is here to accommodate for that purpose. Some of you may be more active and for those we will have fun events planned throughout the year. Others can pop in from time to time as they wish with no fears of being booted. The only reason for anyone to get booted from the team is for breaking Etsy's rules which include etiquette. I am hoping to plan contests/challenges for people to participate. If Etsy allows us a team grant I intend to have prizes! More than likely those prizes will consist of what we crocheters love best: yarn. LOL! If you like the sound of this then Welcome to Crochet Dreamers! Contact FreemanCraftsFabrics.etsy.com to join our wonderful team!

NutshellFarms- said "Later on it might be nice to do some features of members items. That way people can see what everyone is working on. Maybe even a spot for tutorials or patterns that people can share with one another. This is all in the future of course once everything is up and running."

I totally agree! This may help give those interested a idea of what we are planning.  Thanks!

Also if you choose, you can tag your items "crochetdreamers" and find team items.


  1. That totally sounds like a great idea!

  2. Wonderful so happy to be part of an Etsy group FINALLY:)

  3. love to be a part of the group...thanks@@!!!!!

  4. Do we have a team logo that we can add to the pictures in our listings?

  5. Yes they are on the right hand side of this blog