Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vote for your Favorite Treasury!

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1) Anordicrose- Sales on Crochet Dream Team

2) AllYarnCreations- The color Purple

3) 2CrochetHooks- St. Paddy's Day

4) Wednesday Sisters- It's all about the Irish!

Warmth of your Heart Challenge Winners!

Congrats Challenge Winners! Thanks to all who voted!

1st- RavensRascals- Sweatshirt, skirt, dress, hat, purse

2nd- DoilyMania- Beautiful Heart Doily

3rd- Abbycove-Owl Washcloths

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vote for you Favorite Winter Challenge Entry

Relay for Life Charity Event

When: March, April, May
Starts: March 1st
Ends: May 11th
Title: Relay for Life
Details: This year I am going to be setting up a booth for Relay for Life. The idea is to raise money for cancer research. I am asking that you make an item(s) and mail it to me. All items are going to be sold at the event and any item that does not sell will be donated to Relay for Life. The event is taking place May 13th-14th.
When you donate an item please have the: a) size b) washing instructions c) material type (ex: cotton, acrylic etc) d) your shop name and any contact info you may want the person to have. You may also send your business cards or shop flyer with the item(s) so they can be passed out. Some people may want to visit your shop after the event. This is not only supporting a great cause but also doing a bit of free advertising for those who donate and for our team.
Speaking of teams; we are working with other teams on Etsy for this event. Crochet Dreamers is hosting the event but we are accepting items from others team as well. So far we have two other teams that will be participating with us. Prayers on a Wire Etsy Team and Crochet Originals Etsy Team. Both captains are members of our team and are extending the invitation to their teams. Already this is turning into a big event with three teams participating!
For those of you who decide to donate; I will also advertise your shop on our blog and facebook page as well as show the items that you have so generously donated towards the cause.

When you have items ready to donate please convo me for my mailing address (FreemanCraftsFabrics)

March, April, May Team Challenge!

When: March, April, May
Starts: March 1st
Ends: May 31st, 2011
Theme: “Alice in Wonderland”

Details: I found myself looking for a Mad Hatter hat one day and couldn’t find one that was close to the actual thing. Then I had a thought “I bet my team could make one” and thus the challenge was born! LOL! I think when it comes to a theme it doesn’t get more creative than Alice in Wonderland no matter what version you prefer: Disney or Tim Burton. I challenge you all to make anything that this movie inspires you! Be Creative! Think outside of the box! You have a million areas within the movie to choose from!

Brain Storming:

a) Mad Hatter Hat
b) Alice doll
c) Card Related
d) Tea Party
e) Woods/Flowers
f) The White Rabbit
g) Caterpillar
h) The White Queen
i) Tweedle Dee and Dum

These are just some of the categories you can get inspired from! Because this challenge leaves so much room for interpretation I am accepting multiple entries! YAY! Send as many as you would like to create and enter for this theme! Better your chances of winning!
To have your item considered a valid entry it must contain the following:

1) Team Tag: crochetdreamteam
2) Mention the challenge in your description
3) One photo should be from Alice in Wonderland (Google Images gives plenty of pictures to choose from)
4) Convo the link to me and you’re done!

Note: Item must be new and listed between March 1st and May 31st

March Blog Giveaway

February's Blog Giveaway Winner was: who has won the Cherry Stitch Markers Congrats!

This month we are going to try something different. I'm hoping this way we will get more participation.

What is considered a valid post?

1) Post your shop name (so I know who you are)

2) Comment on someones shop or item (One person)
 a) If shop: Friendly critique
 b) If item: Why you like that item

3) Post the link to the shop or item you have chosen

How to enter: (multiple entries are allowed)
1) Post on this blog
2) Post of your blog (provide link to posting here)
3) Facebook (provide link to posting here)
4) Twitter (provide link to posting here)

This months winner will get Lucky Panda Bear Stitch Markers compliments of the Etsy team grant!