Monday, August 2, 2010

Team Vote

I applied for a team grants and also need imput as far as prizes.

This months challenge is under way and I can't wait to see what everyone makes! Now I would like some imput on future challenges. Please vote in the poll how often you would like to have a new challenge.


  1. I voted 3 months just because I find it so difficult sticking to deadlines with my son to look after and everything else. :-)

  2. That's absolutely fine! I just applied for a team grant and I'm crossing my fingers so we can get prizes for the next challenge!!

  3. As for the yarn type, I would prefer something high end or out of the ordinary, like alpaca, musk ox, or mohair. But perhaps more use could be made with something simple like cotton (which I see has the most votes).

    As for the challenge times, I voted for once per month. I, too, need plenty of time, but if I don't have some forseeable deadline I will procrastinate. lol


  4. I agree Davy. Especially since it would be funded by Etsy it would be nice to get something like that. But is one ball going to be ok with everyone?

  5. If it's something expensive I think one ball is perfectly fair. If it's going to be cheap like cotton I want loads! lol