Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project Linus Charity Event

Crochetgal has kindly stepped forward and will be our coordinator for our first charity event with Project Linus! Below is the information you may need involving this charity and how we intend to help.

Crochetgal said:

"I do quite a bit of work for Project Linus  , making blankets for kids in crises. However, with the cost of shipping heavy items it may be difficult $$ wise for individuals to ship to a central point for donation.
So what about if team members who wanted to contribute would donate a blanket to the center nearest them? Of course, if there wasn't a center, I can always take them here as well.
Or instead of doing full blankets each, we could do larger (24" x 24") granny squares and I'll collect and assemble them and get them my local chapter.
I don't want to go with the really tiny squares as they are a nightmare to put together.
My partner (also an Etsian) is a Project Linus Blanketeer here in Phoenix as well. He delivers over 100 blankets each month to various locations.
Ok, here's the rundown. We will make Squares (they don't have to be granny squares) but they DO have to be 24" x 24" and they MUST be made from acrylic yarns. NO cottons or wool or wool blend.

I will look after the assembly of the squares and getting them to the local Project Linus chapter.

The squares do NOT have to be any specific colour, but black is NOT recommended. Remember that these are for kids!"

If you do decide to make a blanket to donate locally or a granny square and ask that you take a picture before mailing it off that way we can show our progress on here. This charity event will run from September through the end of November right before the Holidays. This should allow everyone enough time to either get a blanket for square constructed and Crochetgal enough time to assemble.

You are not required to participate but do remember it is for the children.