Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!!!!

Hunt Begins Saturday morning and goes through Sunday night. ANYONE can enter! (hiders too!)

The Easter Bunny has been a very busy fella this year he has hidden virtual Easter eggs in the Etsy Prayers On A Wire, Crochet Dreamers, and Crochet Originals team member’s shops.

Please keep track of the shop that you found the egg in and the listing link. Please e-mail the team captains your list of eggs and item links for a chance to win our Easter Basket filled with wonderful goodies for our team members shops; a 200 dollar value.

 Please note that only one winner will be selected to win the gift basket and will be selected by random number generator software. The winner will be announced on the team blog sites on Tuesday April 26th. The team captains e-mail address are , , . Please have you list sent in by 12:00 midnight on Monday April 25th.

Please start your hunt with More Meaningful Gifts Shop

Good Luck on your hunt!

Jesse, Melissa, and Davy

Team Captains

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donations for Relay for Life Featuring EverythingBlooms!

Everyone I would like to introduce to you Melissa of EverythingBlooms!

I contacted the "Etsy Charity Team" in hopes of finding others who would like to donate towards the Relay for Life cause. The team captain passed word along of our venture and Melissa from EverythingBlooms responded.

Please take a moment to learn more about her and her shop. Add her shop to your favorites or follow her blog!

Take a moment and show some love! Here is more info about her donated items:
The Hairclips:

Each Fabric Bloom Hair Accessory is hand sewn in my smoke-free home and are:

*Approximately 3” in diameter

*Made from 100% designer cotton fabric

*Embellished with a covered button of the same fabric

*Attached to a 1.75” Alligator Clip. Can also be attached to a French barrette

The hairclips are attached to a "stem" -which is super cute way to merchandise them - if you want - you can get a little clay pot, fill it with rock or some other filler and place the little flowers right in there.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Donations for Relay for Life Featuring 5280yarns!

A big THANK YOU to 5280yarns for making a donation for Relay for Life! Be sure to check out her shop here:

Here is her story:

"During my first deployment to Iraq, I was inspired to take up crocheting as a hobby by several of my friends and fellow soldiers who had learned to knit. For us, it became a relaxing activity to help wind down from the stresses of non-stop operations that working in a combat zone entails. Whether I was alone in my room, or hanging out with the other girls, crocheting was something I always had to keep myself busy and avoid dwelling over the fact that we were far from home. Upon my return to the United States, I put crocheting on hold, but as another deployment loomed ahead, I was delighted to find a set of knitting needles in a care package my good friend sent. My passion for yarn was re-ignited, as I spent many hours reading knitting instruction books and looking at patterns. I decided to open my Etsy shop, 5280yarns, because I love knitting and crocheting, and wanted to share it with others. It also motivates and challenges me to start a new project or put my own twist on a pattern that I have found. The name of my shop comes from the fact that I was stationed in Colorado, which is famous for Denver's elevation of 5280 feet. Although I am originally from another state, I fell in love with the beautiful mountains of Colorado and am proud to be living and creating here, so I wanted to incorporate Colorado into my shop's name."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Donations for Relay for Life Featuring Ravy17!

Our first set of donations is from  from the Crochet Dreamers Team!

She has been kind enough to donate a variety of celtic braclets, bookmarks, and cozies such as the ones found in her shop! Please take a moment to read and leave some love!

Here is her story:

Let's see, I opened my shop here on Etsy June of 2010. I've been selling crocheted items the entire time it's been open never anything else. Mind you I learned to crochet probably a week or two before I set up shop. Having a knitting background really helped me understand the fundamentals of crochet so it took off pretty quick. My first day learning how to crochet I whipped out a hat, granted it took me almost all day to figure out, but I sure get a lot of use out of it.

My brother was actually the one who told me about Etsy. I think a friend of his used to sell on here, or buy I can't recall which. I started out selling bracelets made out of acrylic yarn like the ones I donated. They must have sat in my shop for 3 months before I figured out that I was supposed to promote my items. I still feel so new to this whole selling thing sometimes.

So, I've gone from learning how to crochet many different patterns on a sampler afghan, which my mother and I made for my grandparents for Christmas, moved on to hats, bracelets, bookmark, phone pouches, water bottle holders, sweaters, and back to bracelets again. I love detail, which is probably why I switched off of yarn and tried out the crochet thread. I feel like I can do so much more with it in tiny detail.

The Celtic bracelets that I make now actually come from a knitted pattern. There aren't too many patterns for crocheted Celtic cables that I've seen; however, I probably haven't look too hard either. So, I went back to my old knitting book and studies the picture of the Celtic braid and thought to myself I could totally crochet that. I've always loved Celtic braids and knots, Celtic music, Celtic places, good gosh I'm obsessed with all things Celtic! Other than that I'm just a stay at home mom that does her best to make make her daughter's world as crazy and crafty as possible.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


April's newsletter has been sent out. If you did not recieve one please message me with your email address.

Due to lack of involvement there will be no monthly blog giveaway this month or treasury contest.

I have been receiving donations for the Relay for Life event. I'll will begin posting the participating shops to be featured on Monday. Keep them coming!

One entry so far for the Alice in Wonderland challenge. You have until the end of May. As you finish and list them convo me with the item link. Current entries can be seen on the right of this blog.

We have been awarded a team grant for the Relay event. The grant will cover the template and banner along with the Relay entry fee for the actual event.

If you have any ideas for the team as far as event or activities please let me know.