Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BeatriceCLaNore Feature!

Meet BeatriceCLaNore! Leave some love people!


I chose to make a monarch butterfly b/c in third grade my class collected monarch caterpillars and kept watch until they hatched. I've, ever since, collected monarch caterpillars each year. I have a butterfly garden in my yard and butterfly boxes. I love how they grow and change into something beautiful. I think that this process is something we all go through in our own ways and that crocheting has been a very important part of my journey. I'm glad that I've brought my crocheting ability from childhood into my adult life as it has been a great discovery for me. I love to create things with seed beads and I'm addicted to vintage buttons so I used those things to embellish my crochet butterfly. All in all this item describes who I am and defines my shop in that the butterfly signifies my personal growth. Starting as a caterpillar and developing into a butterfly. :-)



  1. Beautiful - I have seen butterflies before but non with the bead work. Lovely!

  2. This is just so much fun! Great work Beatrice!

    On another note--Melissa, you have really done some great work with this blog. Thanks for spending that time!

  3. The bead yarn combo is amazing! This piece is so beautiful! :-)

  4. Thanks everyone :-)