Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DoilyMania Feature!

Two for one deal! Welcome our mother/daughter shop DoilyMania!
Show some love people!

We are mother/daughter team,we live in Boise Idaho.I am Gloria and mom's name is Zagorks. Our homeland is Croatia , I came here 10 years ago. I am only child and once my father past away I decide to take care of my Mom.She came to USA 2 years ago..she don't speak any English so I opened this shop and I am doing all sales related stuff..emails...facebook.... Mom is artist, she does crocheting and knitting last 40 years, she is amazing to me. She is always up for trying new ideas...new patterns that I find and sometimes she will come up with her own things. Table runner I send you..few weeks ago on Facebook lady from Egypt posted a pattern for it but nobody made doily at self so Mom decided that she is going to make it. After few days of work came out beautiful and I am very proud of it ...of course if you ask mom artist she will tell you could of be better...:P

That is our story ...:)
I am not much of artist ...I can cook but don't ask me to make you doily...:P

P.S. Sorry for any misused or misspelled words ...English is still work in progress. :)


  1. So lovely to meet you Gloria and Zagorks! What a great team you make :-)

  2. She is is talented! That's great you both working together to show her wonderful art work. I hope you both do really well. I am so glad to be on the team with you two.

  3. So Beautiful! Your mom IS very talented. Everything in your shop is GORGEOUS!! The two of you make a great team.

  4. That's amazing! :-)