Monday, September 27, 2010

Team Meeting in the Virtual Labs!

Many have requested to be able to learn or use the Virtual Labs. I have gotten approved for the Moon Room on October 4th at 6pm EST.  Here is a direct link to the Virtual Labs:

The idea is to chat live with other members and for some to learn their way around the Virtual Labs. It should prove to be very exciting and I hope you can all make it.

This is a test run to see about the day and time frame for everyone. Hopefully we'll be able to do chats before long. One step at a time!

*Note* It is not required but voluntary to attend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Team Grant

So I found out today that we were rewarded our last grant for the year (until Jan). I'm very excited about this. Since the last one I was able to get yarn for prizes with this one I want to branch out and get other supplies. I am only going to purchase from other Etsians and this is where I need your help!

No one likes to shop by themselves, especially me! We are a team and so since this is for ya'll I'd like to get your imput. The list below are things I'm looking into but some of you may find something that I may not! Help me shop!


crochet hooks
crochet books
crochet patterns
stitch markers

Anything you might use or would want to try etc. Post the link to the items so I can buy them!

Thanks for your help!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp

Etsy has put together a "Holiday Boot camp" to help Etsian get prepared for some sales this winter!

Here is the link on the Storque Page with information about it:

Each week they will be sending out a bootcamp checklist of things that should be done to help you get ready this season. In order to receive this weekly checklist you need to be signed up to receive emails from "Etsy Success" which you can sign up for here:

If you misses this weeks send out here's what was involved:

1) Take the Holiday Boot Camp Pledge

2) Vote for the Boot Camp Mascot
3) Install Web Analytics
4) Write Your Holiday Mission Statement (This is for you personally)
5) Post in the Boot Camp Forum Thread
6) Join the Boot Camp on Facebook

I'll be sure to post each weeks on here in case anyone misses the info! Feel free to comment on this topic!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Don't forget to enter the blog giveaway! It's ends soon!

Love the entries entered for fall challenge already! Keep them coming!

Also don't forget about the Project Linus Charity event! Help the babies! Send me pictures!

The yarn for prizes have arrived and I'm loving all the cotton and other yarns! I'm sure there is something that everyone will like! Remember to enter the challenge to win a prize!

Just applied for another grant. This one is to be able to purchase only from other Etsians. Specialty hooks, stitch markers, crochet books, buttons, etc. Things that all help us as crocheters!

During the time don't worry about sales. Be sure to stock up your shop for winter! The weather is getting cooler and sales tend to boom for us during the winter months!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on Team Page

Just so everyone knows I've been submitting names to Etsy to get everyone added to the team page. For some reason I am getting no response. Even my huband is unable to add names to his team "prayersonawire". I know Etsy is currently going through beta testing for the new team formatting etc.

So for the time being if you do not see your name on the "Official Team Page" do not freak out. What counts is that your name is on the blog until Etsy Admin gets everything straightened out.

Reminder: Don't forget about this months blog giveaway! Plus the new 3 month challenge and the Charity Event for Project Linus hosted by 

Thanks a bunch!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Monthly Blog Give Away for September

This month is going to be the start of our monthly blog give aways! I'm happy to say that the prize has been generously donated by our own team member The winner will get to pick one crochet pattern in her shop as their prize!

How to enter:

In the comment section of this blog post you will need to post the following information. The information you'll be posting will count as your contest entry. While it is intended to be fun, I also wanted to help promote everyone's Etsy shop.

1) Pick two team members off the list provided on this blog.

2) After you have chosen, go to their shops and look around.

3) Pick one item that you really like from each shop.

4) Post the link to each item in the comments section of this blog.

5) Under each link you have chosen tell us why you chose that item and why you like it.

6) One comment post per person.

Members and non-team members may enter. This is meant to be fun and help us promote each other!

The winner will be annouced October 1st when the next giveaway starts!

New Team Challenge for Fall!

You voted and the results are in! Every Three Months!

Challenge Starts: September 1st

Challenge Ends: November 30th

Theme: Falling into Winter!

This theme is meant to give everyone the time and encouragement to crochet an item that best suits you! You can crochet any item that reminds you of fall or winter.

Fall Ideas: Halloween, Harvest, Pumpkins, Leafs, Thanksgiving, the colors Orange, Brown, Red… etc.

Winter Ideas: Snow, Ice, Jack Frost, Christmas or whichever Holiday you celebrate, Ice Skating, the colors White, Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Silver… etc.

The item must be something newly made and listed between Sep 1st and Nov 30th.  Be sure to tag you item “crochetdreamteam” but for this challenge also tag it with “Falldreamteam” This way when we advertise the challenge we can easily search for challenge entries with no issue!

*Note* One entry per person

Please send the link to the item to FreemanCraftsFabrics!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

LLsCreations83 Feature!

I feel this amigurumi represents because he is the culmination of everything I've learned since starting my adventure with amigurumis one year ago. All the techniques i've learned through trial and error have led me here. I'm a huge fan of fantasy/sci-fi/comic movies and books, Doctor Who is just the latest in characters who have caught my eye. This doll was originally a request, and through researching the character and what makes him tick, made him my own.

Friday, September 3, 2010

PlattCrafts Feature!

I've been crocheting since about age 11. Mostly I made afghans and blankets. When I started making hats for my kids and my nieces and nephews, the hats got so many comments while we were out and about I thought I would attempt an online shop.
I think this hat represents me because it it original and fun, and is inspired by family. My daughter (age 5) was going through a "my favorite colors are yellow and brown" phase and she gave me explicit instructions on how to make her hat. This hat was inspired by the one I made for her.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

adorkable1 Feature!

My name is Rebecca and I started out crocheting when my grandmother taught me. I was 8 and I crocheted potholders and necklaces. But since then I've learned a lot and I started my shop because of my love for fashion and crocheting. Now I have a baby girl and I have been really into designing things for her. So my item for this challenge is a mash-up of my love for fashion, and my obsession with baby things. It's a baby dress!! It is so modern and chic, and my daughter, Chloe, looks adorable(and adorkable) in it! She has one of her own, of course. I had so much fun designing it, and am completely excited about the finished product. I am even selling the pattern in my shop, as well!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crochetandmore Feature!

Ok. Finally decided on my challenge piece. Here it is...

I chose this piece because it shows how I try to be different in my crochet offerings (like these - /lego-scarf the-original-pencil-scarf-small-size)

and the painted on seeds also incorporate a little from my other shop where I custom decorate children's clothes at
Hope ya like it!!

P.S. Thank you for all your work with the team!!!!!