Monday, September 27, 2010

Team Meeting in the Virtual Labs!

Many have requested to be able to learn or use the Virtual Labs. I have gotten approved for the Moon Room on October 4th at 6pm EST.  Here is a direct link to the Virtual Labs:

The idea is to chat live with other members and for some to learn their way around the Virtual Labs. It should prove to be very exciting and I hope you can all make it.

This is a test run to see about the day and time frame for everyone. Hopefully we'll be able to do chats before long. One step at a time!

*Note* It is not required but voluntary to attend.


  1. I hope I can make it....we will be at football practice till 7:30 and should be home around 7:45 central time....

    Jilliegbeanz :)

  2. Well if not this one then I schedule another depends on what everyones schedule looks like. One more reason why this is a TEST run. LOL!