Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Team Grant

So I found out today that we were rewarded our last grant for the year (until Jan). I'm very excited about this. Since the last one I was able to get yarn for prizes with this one I want to branch out and get other supplies. I am only going to purchase from other Etsians and this is where I need your help!

No one likes to shop by themselves, especially me! We are a team and so since this is for ya'll I'd like to get your imput. The list below are things I'm looking into but some of you may find something that I may not! Help me shop!


crochet hooks
crochet books
crochet patterns
stitch markers

Anything you might use or would want to try etc. Post the link to the items so I can buy them!

Thanks for your help!



  1. I actually just started crocheting some cases that I have featured on my Facebook business page for Briar Rose Crafts and Things.

    This person makes beautiful cases!!

    Beautiful stitch markers!

  2. I am in need of some stitch markers and this shop has some awesome ones at good prices!

    I would love to win any of the animal, fish, or bug ones for a prize! :-)

  3. I agree, stitch markers would be great, any or all! :) (--sjandjoe)

  4. Check out this shop for tons of buttons!

    These are my favorite: