Monday, September 6, 2010

New Team Challenge for Fall!

You voted and the results are in! Every Three Months!

Challenge Starts: September 1st

Challenge Ends: November 30th

Theme: Falling into Winter!

This theme is meant to give everyone the time and encouragement to crochet an item that best suits you! You can crochet any item that reminds you of fall or winter.

Fall Ideas: Halloween, Harvest, Pumpkins, Leafs, Thanksgiving, the colors Orange, Brown, Red… etc.

Winter Ideas: Snow, Ice, Jack Frost, Christmas or whichever Holiday you celebrate, Ice Skating, the colors White, Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Silver… etc.

The item must be something newly made and listed between Sep 1st and Nov 30th.  Be sure to tag you item “crochetdreamteam” but for this challenge also tag it with “Falldreamteam” This way when we advertise the challenge we can easily search for challenge entries with no issue!

*Note* One entry per person

Please send the link to the item to FreemanCraftsFabrics!


  1. Ok, so I posted my item on etsy . . . did I need to post it on here too?

  2. I choose out item and I tag it with Falldreamteam is that enough or I have to do something else.

  3. You post it on etsy in your shop and then send me the link so I can add it to my favorites so it shows up on the blog.