Monday, September 6, 2010

Monthly Blog Give Away for September

This month is going to be the start of our monthly blog give aways! I'm happy to say that the prize has been generously donated by our own team member The winner will get to pick one crochet pattern in her shop as their prize!

How to enter:

In the comment section of this blog post you will need to post the following information. The information you'll be posting will count as your contest entry. While it is intended to be fun, I also wanted to help promote everyone's Etsy shop.

1) Pick two team members off the list provided on this blog.

2) After you have chosen, go to their shops and look around.

3) Pick one item that you really like from each shop.

4) Post the link to each item in the comments section of this blog.

5) Under each link you have chosen tell us why you chose that item and why you like it.

6) One comment post per person.

Members and non-team members may enter. This is meant to be fun and help us promote each other!

The winner will be annouced October 1st when the next giveaway starts!



    I actually really like the way the dark colors work together, it looks very sophisticated and elegant. I probably would not have used all caps or the Z on the end, but the item itself looks nice.

    I love the big red bow. That is too cool. It matches really well with the black of the beret and ads a little bit of pizazz.


    I love these napkin holders. I love the colors, I love the button centers, I love the obvious quality and time that went into them. These napkin holders remind me of my grandmothers home, and make me want to start using cloth napkins in my own home. If I had napkin rings like this, I wouldn't even mind the extra laundry!

    These butterfly earrings are jaunty and fun and just a delight! I like to think about how they would look in my little girl's hair. So perky, and so obviously well-made.

  3. I choose junebugjan and susanneedlehands!


    I love all of her items for the colors of nature she incorporates! I chose this particular scarf because I have always had an affinity for deserts and this one reminds me of my favorite, the Painted Desert in Arizona. The scarf is aptly named and I absolutely love the pattern!


    I chose this item because I love the idea of felted items and the idea of something being functional. These crocheted, felted bowls are both beautiful and functional! They inspire me!

  4. I think that these booties are just too cute from CrochetandMore! They would look cute on any baby or toddler.

    And pipistrellecrochet's purses are hard to beat! It was very difficult to select a favourite


    I absolutely LOVE this guy! Nigel is so cute. We have a real tortoise (Mr. T) in our little family, so a cute doll that my son can play with (and even change to suit his mood) is just awesome :)

    Amigurumis are always awesome! This elephant looks like he could soar super high with my son and his imagination :)

  6. I chose MegansMenagerie and Nothingbutstring.


    This simple cowl is elegant and beautiful. The color is eye catching.


    This bowl is so gorgeous! What a conversation piece and the work that went inot it is just crazy!!

  7. I chose Hookaholic:

    I love all baby hats, and this one is super cute and something you don't see too often. I love butterflies!

    I also chose mousseauchocolat:

    This is so awesome because it could be a headband or a necklace. I would have totallt worn this to my wedding!

  8. I chose these adorable moccasins from BitOfWhimsy because they are just yummy!!!! If I had any clue as to how to crochet something like this, each one of my boys would have a pair - or ten! :)

    I chose this table sculpture from tessituraelica because it is just SO stunning! And I had no idea that you could crochet with wire and beads like that! Gorgeous and SO unique!!

  9. I've chosen Sweetbriers and The Needle Nerd.

    From Needle Nerd I've chosen this gorgeous blanket throw because the colours are so lovely and rich looking, and it looks very soft and snuggly.

    From Sweetbriers I've chosen her Tote of Many Colours mainly because of the colours again, so fresh and lively, and I like the slouchy relaxed style.

  10. My first choice is by Britt6934 - Girl Sock Monkey Earflap

    What's not to love? It's just too cute! Wish I had one of these when I was little :)

    My second choice is by LuluandMax - Beautiful Cowl Scarf
    I love cowls and I am currently working on something similar for myself. Love the look of this. Very classy and casual at the same time :)

  11. The first shop I looked at was jilliegbeanz (because I loved the name). This scarf is soo eye catching, the colors scheme is delicate, yet bright. I would actually like to own it, very classy :)

    I also picked from Nothingbutstring. This entire shop WOW'D me, I have never seen crochet so small, so detailed, and intricate. I think this cuff is beautifully made, and looks amazing.

  12. the first shop i looked at is everything crafts.
    I love to collect refrigerator magnets and hers are lovely.
    My second shop was Roland designs. i love the these earings are dreamy and classy.

  13. I choose ... Motherofthree7515 simply purple is my favorite favorite color and this hand warmer is perfect...

    and Crochetandmore

    Taste the i need say more...

  14. Penguins are my all time favorite so a penguin AND a hat?! Amazing! The work looks great and if I had kids I would certainly order one of everything lol

    I love the shapes and colors of this hot pad/pt holder. It takes hot pads to a much cooler level!

    Everyone's work looks awesome!! It was so hard just picking two!!

  15. I'm looking for buttons today. Absolutely love these, especially the color. from the TheNeedle Nerd Shop

    this from the A Girl and her Needle.

    Beautiful hat and great pictures! Love the shop name.