Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Don't forget to enter the blog giveaway! It's ends soon!

Love the entries entered for fall challenge already! Keep them coming!

Also don't forget about the Project Linus Charity event! Help the babies! Send me pictures!

The yarn for prizes have arrived and I'm loving all the cotton and other yarns! I'm sure there is something that everyone will like! Remember to enter the challenge to win a prize!

Just applied for another grant. This one is to be able to purchase only from other Etsians. Specialty hooks, stitch markers, crochet books, buttons, etc. Things that all help us as crocheters!

During the time don't worry about sales. Be sure to stock up your shop for winter! The weather is getting cooler and sales tend to boom for us during the winter months!


  1. I'm looking forward to the winter - here in the UK I've already sold 8 pairs of gloves on a UK-based craft shop site since the end of July - we had a very hard winter last year and people are getting in early! I'm hoping to be able to do the same (and then some!) with Etsy!

  2. I've noticed sales are a bit slow through Etsy so i am working on some holiday themed photography props in hopes of getting them out there on time. This is my first holiday season on Etsy, I hope I can keep up lol.Good luck everyone!!