Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp

Etsy has put together a "Holiday Boot camp" to help Etsian get prepared for some sales this winter!

Here is the link on the Storque Page with information about it:

Each week they will be sending out a bootcamp checklist of things that should be done to help you get ready this season. In order to receive this weekly checklist you need to be signed up to receive emails from "Etsy Success" which you can sign up for here:

If you misses this weeks send out here's what was involved:

1) Take the Holiday Boot Camp Pledge

2) Vote for the Boot Camp Mascot
3) Install Web Analytics
4) Write Your Holiday Mission Statement (This is for you personally)
5) Post in the Boot Camp Forum Thread
6) Join the Boot Camp on Facebook

I'll be sure to post each weeks on here in case anyone misses the info! Feel free to comment on this topic!


  1. Joined! Done it! Looks good, doesn't it? :D

  2. Thank you for sharing! I think I was supposed to get these emails and haven't, I'm signing up now!