Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


1) The October Blog Giveaway end TODAY!!! 12am EDT!!!!

2) Project Linus 24x24 squares can be mailed off to Crochetgal now! Last day to send in a square is November 30th! Remember acrylic yarns only and NO black!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! If you have pics feel free to share!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Giveaway Reminder!

October 31st is Sunday and so far there are only 3 entries for the stitch markers!!!!! Time is running out! To enter the contest click "Monthly Blog Giveaway" on the right under Team Links and it will take you to the instruction and place to enter!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp Week 5

Week 5 Boot Camp Instructions:

1) Check out 7 Lessons from Adam Braun: Last week I heard Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise, speak at The Feast Conference, (watch the full video here  ). I was so inspired by his story and hear his 7 key life lessons, I've printed them out and have them on my desk as a daily reminder. Read them, and print them out if you like! (The subject line of this email will make sense if you do!)

2) Read Etsy's Guide to Photography:

3) Shoot Photos of Your New Work: So by now you should know what you're selling for the holidays and how you'll present it, in writing, to your online audience. The next important step is to capture the item with photos. Today I've published a guide to help you find the resources you need to improve your photo skills. Your task is to study up and shoot some new photos for your shop!

4) Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy (on your own)

5) Post in the Boot Camp forum thread: Your last task is to connect in the Etsy forum thread for this week. Let us know how you are doing and check out the progress of another seller. Let's give support for those who need it and share our own insights from the boot camp exercises.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp Week 4

To do list for Week 4:

1) Read this week's Boot Camp article: Etsy buyers expect more when they come to Etsy looking for gifts. You know that feeling of pride when you've found something special for a loved one? How fun it is when you can tell a story about that gift?

2) Etsy Success Keyword Exercise: Create three lists of keywords. The first list will describe your buyer's attributes; if your buyer was the lead character in a play, what keywords would you attribute to that character? The second list should describe your style (have a peek at the Tag-O-Rama Etsy Blog Post for help with this one!). Your last list should describe your values as an artist and as a business owner. Feeling stuck? Have a closer look at the example exercise above.

3) Update Your Profile: I'm not going to butter this task up, it's a tough one. Get into that Etsy Profile and tell your story. You don't have to write a memoir, even a snippet from your daily life can be an interesting read. Make sure to have your Boot Camp buddy give you feedback and check for spelling errors!
When you've updated your public profile, let everyone know in this forum thread so we can have a peek!

4) Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy (On your Own)

5) Post in the Boot Camp forum thread:

6) Extra credit! Tips for Authentic Writing:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chat Tonight!

Here's the link:

Stop by and say hi!

Holiday Boot Camp Week 3

"This week's Boot Camp is all about offering the right product this holiday season. Take a step back and follow my directions below to set up your shop for success."

This Weeks Checklist:

1) Read this week's Boot Camp article: "Every year we notice custom items on Etsy (or items personalized in some way) are a big hit with holiday shoppers! This week, my goal was to publish Etsy's Guide to Custom Work to help you make this work for your own shop. Sell vintage items? This tip's for you, too! Think about offering personalized wrapping or gift tags."

2) Fill in the Blank Exercise: " I'm sure you have something on your Etsy shop to do list that you've been putting off. Perhaps it's a new item you've been meaning to photograph, a new avatar or finally sitting down and analyzing your tags. Let me know what this task is in this Etsy forum thread and let's make sure you get it done!" 

3) Six Success Secrets Exercise: "I asked creative life coach Michelle Ward to share six success secrets with us. Ponder these secrets and think about how you can embrace each secret she shares in your creative life. But don't cheat!"
4) Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy (On your own)

5) Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Stock (On your own)

6) Post in the Boot Camp forum thread:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chat Rooms on Friday!

Let's meet Friday  in the chat rooms.

So that'll be:
10pm Eastern

9pm Central

8pm Moutain

7pm Pacific

6pm Alaska

4pm Hawaii

3am UK Time
It's just for fun for those who'd like to attend. Hopefully non-team members will pop in and we can meet new friends.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Virtual Lab!

Moon Room Tonight

Virtual Labs 6pm Eastern

5pm Central

4pm Moutain

3pm Pacific

2pm Alaska

12pm Hawaii

4am UK Time

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Blog Giveaway!

Last months winner was Marsha from: and she will get to choose a pattern from CONGRATS!


1) Pick two shops that you have not  previously chosen from the list found on this blog.

2) Copy the link to the item

3) Post the link to the item in the comments section of this post

4) Explain why you like that item

5) Post your own shop name so I know who you are!

6) One Entry per person!

This months winner will recieve a set of stitch markers compliments of the Etsy team grant!

Holiday Boot Camp Week 2

This weeks To-Do List:

1) Read this week's Boot Camp article:

2) Make a list of your most popular items:

Make a List, Check It Twice

Make a list of your top items. If you're new to Etsy, include the items in your shop that have the most views and hearts. No items in your shop yet? Make a list of the items your friends and family react to the most. What do these items have in common? Is it the color, price point, style of photography?

Advanced task: Head over to your Web Analytics reports. What items in your shop have the most page views and lowest bounce rates? :

3) Brainstorm new work you'll offer this season:

Product Brainstorming

I challenge you to ponder your buyer, this season's trends and/or holiday must-haves. Use this information to brainstorm ideas for a new product (or line of products). Or think about what you already create that you can add more of. This new Etsy blog post will help get you :
4) Find your Boot Camp buddy:

Reach out to another Holiday Boot Camper. Send a convo to a seller whose shop catches your eye and ask them to be your Boot Camp partner. Each week, check in to see how you are doing and how you might push each other along. I have a feeling some of you might put this off, so I encourage you to do it right this second!

Find your boot camp buddy in:

...this week's Holiday Boot Camp forum thread:

...on Twitter by searching #EtsyHolidayBootCamp:

...on the Facebook Boot Camp Event Page: the comments of the Boot Camp Mascot Treasury:

...your Etsy Team: RIGHT HERE!

5) Post in the Boot Camp forum thread: