Friday, October 8, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp Week 3

"This week's Boot Camp is all about offering the right product this holiday season. Take a step back and follow my directions below to set up your shop for success."

This Weeks Checklist:

1) Read this week's Boot Camp article: "Every year we notice custom items on Etsy (or items personalized in some way) are a big hit with holiday shoppers! This week, my goal was to publish Etsy's Guide to Custom Work to help you make this work for your own shop. Sell vintage items? This tip's for you, too! Think about offering personalized wrapping or gift tags."

2) Fill in the Blank Exercise: " I'm sure you have something on your Etsy shop to do list that you've been putting off. Perhaps it's a new item you've been meaning to photograph, a new avatar or finally sitting down and analyzing your tags. Let me know what this task is in this Etsy forum thread and let's make sure you get it done!" 

3) Six Success Secrets Exercise: "I asked creative life coach Michelle Ward to share six success secrets with us. Ponder these secrets and think about how you can embrace each secret she shares in your creative life. But don't cheat!"
4) Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy (On your own)

5) Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Stock (On your own)

6) Post in the Boot Camp forum thread:

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