Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp Week 4

To do list for Week 4:

1) Read this week's Boot Camp article: Etsy buyers expect more when they come to Etsy looking for gifts. You know that feeling of pride when you've found something special for a loved one? How fun it is when you can tell a story about that gift?

2) Etsy Success Keyword Exercise: Create three lists of keywords. The first list will describe your buyer's attributes; if your buyer was the lead character in a play, what keywords would you attribute to that character? The second list should describe your style (have a peek at the Tag-O-Rama Etsy Blog Post for help with this one!). Your last list should describe your values as an artist and as a business owner. Feeling stuck? Have a closer look at the example exercise above.

3) Update Your Profile: I'm not going to butter this task up, it's a tough one. Get into that Etsy Profile and tell your story. You don't have to write a memoir, even a snippet from your daily life can be an interesting read. Make sure to have your Boot Camp buddy give you feedback and check for spelling errors!
When you've updated your public profile, let everyone know in this forum thread so we can have a peek!

4) Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy (On your Own)

5) Post in the Boot Camp forum thread:

6) Extra credit! Tips for Authentic Writing:

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