Friday, July 30, 2010

Team Challenge and New Treasury

OK so we're going to try this and see how it goes. We're going to do a team challenge! You can choose to participate if you want. It's meant to be fun for those who are itching for something more to do. So the challenge starts today and ends August 31st. One whole month!

The theme for this challenge is "Who are you?". The idea is to make something that tells each member what you're all about. What is your "thing" that makes crocheting fun. Make an item that represents you and your shop. This is meant to be a way to get to know each other better and see the different talents amongst our group. This is meant to be easy since everyone is constantly making items for there shop.

The item needs to be a new item that has been listed between today's date and August 31st. Once you have made and picked the item you think best represent "Who you are" then please post the link in the forum for everyone to see or convo me the link. Please use the team tag for this entries.

Each person who enters an item will be featured on the blog. One person will be posted per day if we have multiple entries. As the items are submitted they will be posted. For those who do participate have a little something written up about why you make what you do and what inspires you. This is kind of a show and tell. LOL! The challenge starts NOW!

On another note please check out this awesome treasury made of team items created by pipistrellecrochet:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Official!

I just got word that we are now officially an Etsy Team! Here is the link on the team page!

If you do not see your name on there don't worry I'll get it added!

Another important bit of info that I've been told is that our tag needs to have the word "Team" in it in order for Etsy to help promote us. So with a suggestions from yvonnebabyboutiques the new tag to use is "crochetdreamteam" (one Word)

SO EXCITING! Who's ready to PARTY!

Who is Excited?!

We are now at 33 members and growing fast! I know I'm excited!

I posted the facebook and forum (chit chat) links on the right side under "Team Links" for easy access.

I'm still waiting to hear from Morgan about being "official" and having our own Team Page. When I find out I'll let you all know!

Feel free to refer friends to join and make team treasuries! If some items are tagged "crochetdreamers" it will be easier to find team items to show off.

For those of you who want to start some fun I would like to get ideas as to what you want to do. Feel free to comment here, the forum, or convo me personally with ideas! Let the fun begin! Once we get some ideas I'll post a poll here for people to vote on what they would like to do first. We have a very creative bunch on this team and that is easy justified by the items in their shops. Look forward to hearing (or seeing) some of your ideas!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is Great!

We are constantly getting new members which is super exciting! The list of team members on the right just keeps getting longer. Invite your friends to join! The more the merrier!

Forum: This is a team thread for us to chit chat and get to know one another. We've actually been discovered and received new members this way! LOL!  Stop by and introduce yourself!

FaceBook: Thanks to Mistee we now have a fan facebook page!!/group.php?gid=106437386078448&ref=ts Become a fan and invite friends! It's open to everyone! Maybe even those who are fans of our work!

Tags: If you want your items to be found under the team name use the tag "crochetdreamers" (one word) while tagging your items

Announcement: Also if you choose you can mention the team in your shop announcements to better advertise us and let people know we are going to be the best team ever!

Welcome Everyone to the team!

If you have any questions or ideas as to what you would like to see done amongst the team just as challenges, charity events etc. please let me know. I'm open to ideas!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're on our way!

I've submitted the application and team info to Morgan ( Etsy Admin) for approval. As soon as we are a finalized team I'll be sure to let you all know. We have over 10 members already! How exciting is that?! I had our banner custom made and I feel that is describes us perfectly. What do you think? I'm working to get a team avatar so we can post the image of our team where ever we want so show how proud we are! I've listed the team members on the right hand side. Let me know if I missed anyone! I changed the color selection on the blog to match our banner. Is everyone cool with it? I like to get feedback!

I've listed both of our team avatars on the right. You can use them in a picture on your listings or post the avatar on your blog so people know you're apart of this team! If you need the image e-mailed to you let me know.

Thank you to everyone who has joined! I want to make this the best crochet team ever! Once we get approved let the games begin! LOL!

While we wait I made an Etsy Forum so everyone can meet up and get to know one another!

What we are all about as a Team

The idea behind this crochet team is to belong to a community of fellow crocheters and have no worries as to meeting certain guidelines. I want everyone to feel welcome here. You can be as active as you wish. I do realize that people have lives outside of Etsy and this group is here to accommodate for that purpose. Some of you may be more active and for those we will have fun events planned throughout the year. Others can pop in from time to time as they wish with no fears of being booted. The only reason for anyone to get booted from the team is for breaking Etsy's rules which include etiquette. I am hoping to plan contests/challenges for people to participate. If Etsy allows us a team grant I intend to have prizes! More than likely those prizes will consist of what we crocheters love best: yarn. LOL! If you like the sound of this then Welcome to Crochet Dreamers! Contact to join our wonderful team!

NutshellFarms- said "Later on it might be nice to do some features of members items. That way people can see what everyone is working on. Maybe even a spot for tutorials or patterns that people can share with one another. This is all in the future of course once everything is up and running."

I totally agree! This may help give those interested a idea of what we are planning.  Thanks!

Also if you choose, you can tag your items "crochetdreamers" and find team items.


This is so exciting! We are currently gathering members and ideas so get this team official through etsy. This will be the official team blog site. Any updates or news will be posted here.

With everyone's input we were able to come up with "Crochet Dreamers" as our team name. Now the tag line is a different story. I've sent everyone a message to put it to a vote.

1) Creating Handmade Dreams
2) Our Dreams Handmade

I'm currently in the process of getting a team banner and avatar made. I'd love to take ideas about backgrounds, themes, color skeme? Let me know!