Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who is Excited?!

We are now at 33 members and growing fast! I know I'm excited!

I posted the facebook and forum (chit chat) links on the right side under "Team Links" for easy access.

I'm still waiting to hear from Morgan about being "official" and having our own Team Page. When I find out I'll let you all know!

Feel free to refer friends to join and make team treasuries! If some items are tagged "crochetdreamers" it will be easier to find team items to show off.

For those of you who want to start some fun I would like to get ideas as to what you want to do. Feel free to comment here, the forum, or convo me personally with ideas! Let the fun begin! Once we get some ideas I'll post a poll here for people to vote on what they would like to do first. We have a very creative bunch on this team and that is easy justified by the items in their shops. Look forward to hearing (or seeing) some of your ideas!



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