Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is Great!

We are constantly getting new members which is super exciting! The list of team members on the right just keeps getting longer. Invite your friends to join! The more the merrier!

Forum: This is a team thread for us to chit chat and get to know one another. We've actually been discovered and received new members this way! LOL!  Stop by and introduce yourself!

FaceBook: Thanks to Mistee we now have a fan facebook page!!/group.php?gid=106437386078448&ref=ts Become a fan and invite friends! It's open to everyone! Maybe even those who are fans of our work!

Tags: If you want your items to be found under the team name use the tag "crochetdreamers" (one word) while tagging your items

Announcement: Also if you choose you can mention the team in your shop announcements to better advertise us and let people know we are going to be the best team ever!

Welcome Everyone to the team!

If you have any questions or ideas as to what you would like to see done amongst the team just as challenges, charity events etc. please let me know. I'm open to ideas!


  1. You're right, this *is* great! What a lovely, postitive group :D