Friday, June 3, 2011

Charity Project!

Knitting for Noggins (Or Crochet)

If you mail or bring hats to the hospital, please provide us with an accurate number of hats you are donating by completing a donor form. This helps us keep our hat count accurate (The donor form will be attached to the email separately with each month's newletter)

Use your creativity, but bright and colorful hats are always great! And don't forget that we can use boy colors as well as girl colors.

Our greatest need is for large hats for school-age kids, teens and adults. We ask that hats be approximately the size of an average cantaloupe or larger.

o Infant size – at least 16" in circumference

o Child size – at least 18" in circumference

o Teenager size – at least 21" in circumference

Due to infection control, all needlework items must be made out of new materials (not recycled items). Handmade hats are preferred, and we ask that no logos be on the hats.

 We also ask that items be free of any odor or pet hair.

For privacy reasons, please do not attach your name, your group’s name, or personal information to individual needlework donations.

For safety purposes for our kids, please make sure that there are no safety pins and/or straight pins in the needlework donations that you send to us.

 You can mail or deliver your hats to Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

1 Children’s Way

Little Rock, AR 72202-3591

Any items that you make to donate please be sure to take some pictures and send them to me (FreemanCraftsFabrics) on Etsy so I can share it with our team members.

Starts: June 1

Ends: August 31st

Charity Project

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