Saturday, April 9, 2011

Donations for Relay for Life Featuring Ravy17!

Our first set of donations is from  from the Crochet Dreamers Team!

She has been kind enough to donate a variety of celtic braclets, bookmarks, and cozies such as the ones found in her shop! Please take a moment to read and leave some love!

Here is her story:

Let's see, I opened my shop here on Etsy June of 2010. I've been selling crocheted items the entire time it's been open never anything else. Mind you I learned to crochet probably a week or two before I set up shop. Having a knitting background really helped me understand the fundamentals of crochet so it took off pretty quick. My first day learning how to crochet I whipped out a hat, granted it took me almost all day to figure out, but I sure get a lot of use out of it.

My brother was actually the one who told me about Etsy. I think a friend of his used to sell on here, or buy I can't recall which. I started out selling bracelets made out of acrylic yarn like the ones I donated. They must have sat in my shop for 3 months before I figured out that I was supposed to promote my items. I still feel so new to this whole selling thing sometimes.

So, I've gone from learning how to crochet many different patterns on a sampler afghan, which my mother and I made for my grandparents for Christmas, moved on to hats, bracelets, bookmark, phone pouches, water bottle holders, sweaters, and back to bracelets again. I love detail, which is probably why I switched off of yarn and tried out the crochet thread. I feel like I can do so much more with it in tiny detail.

The Celtic bracelets that I make now actually come from a knitted pattern. There aren't too many patterns for crocheted Celtic cables that I've seen; however, I probably haven't look too hard either. So, I went back to my old knitting book and studies the picture of the Celtic braid and thought to myself I could totally crochet that. I've always loved Celtic braids and knots, Celtic music, Celtic places, good gosh I'm obsessed with all things Celtic! Other than that I'm just a stay at home mom that does her best to make make her daughter's world as crazy and crafty as possible.


  1. I am glad to help! Its great that we have this chance to support Relay for Life with our talents as artists. I would like to thank all the others who are also donating. You are all so kind and giving.


  2. Beautiful! I love the spirit of giving on this team!!