Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Years Later and Still Thriving

Crochet Dreamers celebrated being a team for two year at the end of July! Some of you may have been with us since the beginning and other may have joined us somewhere along the way. There may also be those who are going to join our community.

For those of you who are considering joining us or maybe you've just joined, we want to welcome you. We have two central locations that we communicate on a regular basis. One place is on the Etsy Discussion Boards. The "Chat Thread" is where we talk, share and get to know one another. Feel free to join us. We're very friendly and won't bite. Another location is our Facebook team page. It is a great location where many people share their newly listed items, favorites, treasuries and more.

If anyone is ever intersted in contributing and article or anything to help our crochet world, for those of us from new beginners to experienced, I welcome you to contact BabyFantasyCrochet on Facebook and I'll be glad to let you help our community grow with your knowledge.

Hope everyone has a safe and saleful fall season!

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  1. I've just joined the group, so I'm still getting around and taking a look see. Have a wonderful day...moving your hooks...:) remember a happy hook is a moving hook.