Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Happy Halloween!

As we prepare to go door to door reciting the fun phrase that wins sweet treats to all who say it once a year. Trick or Treat! Instead of doors on this trick or treat adventure you will visit etsy shops for a chance to win a price box that is worth more than $150 with all kinds of nice handmade goodies and supplies that would make any adult trick or treater happy!

So here is how you play the game :

The fun will last from Friday October 28-October 31st.
The rules are simple. You start at the top of the list of shops listed below and work your way down looking for a Halloween image that the shop owner has hidden in one of their listings. The hunter needs to keep track of either the listing title they found the image under or the item listing number.

Here is the image you are looking for:

Then you can convo the Prayers on a Wire captain at or you can send him an e-mail at by November 1st. On November 2nd I will use the random number generator ( to select the winner and will contact them for their address.
Here are the links please use them to trick or treat for the hidden image:

Good Luck and Happy Halloween

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