Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Blog Giveaway

The winner for December is and she will receive the Burger, Fries, and Shake Stitch Markers compliments of the Etsy Grant! Congrats!

1) Pick TWO shops that you have NOT previously chosen from the list found on this blog.

2) Copy the link to the item.

3) Post the link to the item in the comments section of this post

4) Explain why you like that item

5) Post your own shop name so I know who you are!

6) One Entry per person!

January's Blog winner will receive Black and White Heart Stitch Markers! Compliments of the Team Grant!



    I love the colors of this hat (pink is my favorite) and the big flower but most of all I love the pom poms. The only problem is the initial picture is half cut off.

    I love fingerless gloves, I am trying to learn how to make some but these are amazing, I haven't seen any like these. The part around the hands look so soft and fluffy.


  2. Congratulations to Yarnabees!


    I love the book nerd-iness of crocheting a book cover! Fabulous! AND great photography!


    This cowl is so awesome and big! Love the button!

    Playin' Hooky Designs

  3. Congrats Yarnabees!! I loved those stitch markers!!

    I LOVE this shop!! Such cute stuff! I can just see my daughter loving this little tree and stuffing all her kitties in it!

    This cowl looks so snugly and warm!! It is sooooo cold here I just want to curl up in this cowl!


    I love the Minnie Mouse ears, what little girl wouldn't look absolutely adorable in these?!
    These coasters are really cute, I could see myself using them to rest my pina colada on poolside. ;)



    These fingerless gloves are so feminine and I love the color!

    I think this cozy is just cool!