Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Blog Giveaway!

The winner for November  and she will receive a Holiday pattern Book complients of the Etsy Grant! Congrats!


1) Pick TWO shops that you have NOT previously chosen from the list found on this blog.
2) Copy the link to the item.

3) Post the link to the item in the comments section of this post
4) Explain why you like that item
5) Post your own shop name so I know who you are!

6) One Entry per person!

Decembers Blog winner will receive Burger, Shake and Fries Stitch Markers! Compliments of the Team Grant!


  1. 1)

    Since LOTR is my fave story and movies (right down to watching all 3 in one day once a year!)I have to go with Frodo. I like him because he's so unique and just plain cool!


    I just love the color and the unique design of these fingerless gloves.


  2. 1)

    Absolutely LOVE this shop! I think doilies are so time consuming and they're so pretty! After looking at this shop, I definitely feel the inspiration to pull out my hook and make one for me. It'd take me forever, probably, so I wouldn't want to sell it :)


    I like the crochet jewelry from this shop. I think it's so pretty and unique!


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  4. 1)
    LOVE the slouchy hats!! GORGEOUS photography!

    Scoodies are so much fun! I've always wanted to make my own version!

    I forgot to write my name, haha.

  5. this listing is from itching2Bstitching who is now I love her vibrant colors and that baby is just too cute!
    My Second pick is I just love the colors of this Afghan shop owner spiffyspooner did a great Job!

  6. Love this hat!

    LOVE THIS!!!!! And everything else this gal makes!!!!

  7. Oops! I forgot to say why I liked the above items. Love the hat because of the flower! Love the scarf because of the colors and LOVE the shop because it just ROCKS!!